Update on Mobile Banking App for Windows Phones

Posted in Other News, Product News on May. 16, 2013

BECU currently offers a Mobile Banking app for Android™ and Apple® devices. We've heard from members requesting an app for their Windows Phone. We appreciate the feedback and enthusiasm surrounding our mobile services, and want to take this opportunity to answer some of the more frequent questions we are asked about the status of a BECU Mobile Banking app for Windows Phones.

Are we currently considering a Windows Phone Mobile Banking app?
Yes. We are actively researching our options, but they are limited.

In order to deliver and support the best possible mobile experience, BECU partners with a third-party to develop our Mobile Banking apps. Our partner considers a number of factors before they introduce apps for new devices. One of the most important is the nationwide adoption rate of a given device. This presents a unique circumstance given the relationship between Microsoft® and the Puget Sound region – where the adoption of the Windows Phone among our membership outpaces the national adoption of the device. At this point, the nationwide adoption rate hasn’t risen to the level where it makes sense for our partner to develop a Windows Phone app. However, we have asked our partner to search the market for another way they could provide a solution.

Have we been approached by Windows Phone developers offering to create an app?
No, but we have spoken directly with Microsoft and made connections for our partner to work with them.

Why can’t BECU develop our own Windows Phone app?
Building our own solution comes with significant development and support costs. While helping our members who’ve chosen a Windows Phone is extremely important to us and something we want to be able to do, as a not-for-profit, member-owned credit union, we must weigh the potential costs and benefits for the entire membership.

What are our next steps?
We will continue to monitor usage of the Windows Phone and challenge our partners to develop a solution for our members who use one. In the meantime, we are investing in enhancements to our mobile site at m.becu.org. While it doesn’t offer all of the features of an app, it does provide a more optimized experience for mobile devices.

Once again, we appreciate getting feedback from our members. Your feedback helps us to continue improving on the services that we offer. If you have feedback or suggestions, feel free to email membersuggestions@becu.org. We plan to provide regular updates on the services that are available to you at BECU, so check the News Center at www.becu.org/news on a regular basis.


By Doug Marshall, Senior Vice President of Digital Channel & Product Management